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1. Terms and Conditions.

        Services «» - Web product that provides a list of services and is available at: Here in after called "Service."
        Facilities & Services - operations on input-output and the exchange of title characters of payment system, as well as other services listed in the window of the Service.
        Electronic payment system (here in after "System") - an automated system used by Parties to meet their liabilities to quantitative assessment of claims held by Creditors and other users of the System.
        Title characters - accounting units of the electronic payment systems, denoting a certain amount of claims or other rights under the treaty of electronic payments with their users.
        Exchange transactions - the transfer of rights to demand a certain amount of goods and services in the amount of the equivalent of between Client and Contractor.
        Contractor - Service administration.
        Client - visitor Service, who joined the agreement.
        Adherence to the agreement - the beginning of direct exchange operation on the Service.
        Advertising - a set of data received from the Client using the software and hardware Service which includes sufficient information about the exchange operation.

2. General Concepts.

        2.1. Parties to the agreement is a Service on the one hand and the Client, in the face of the visitor Service acceded to the agreement - on the other side.
        2.2. This agreement defines the terms of the Service exchange service title characters. The agreement defines the rights and obligations of the Client using the Service.
        2.3. Using Service means the absolute consent of the Client with the terms of this agreement, and taking all the responsibilities described in this agreement.
        2.4. This agreement is the equivalent of an oral contract.
        2.5. In case of disagreement with the provisions of this Agreement, Client has no right to carry out the procedure of exchange.

3. Conditions of the Exchange.

        3.1. The exchange operation is carried out at the current rate, which is indicated on the Service in the "Rates and Tariffs." The course includes the Service commission, the cost of service payment system, the discount users. Contractor reserves the right at any time to change courses and fees without notice to the Customer. Accounts Receivable is carried out at the rate in force at the time of your order, regardless of rate changes for the next time intervals.
        3.2. Order for exchange transactions made solely by means of service and fixed software and hardware Service.
        3.3. While ordering the exchange of the Client undertakes to provide reliable data. Within 3 working days after ordering Customer must make a transfer of title characters or the funds in full and in a way that was specified in the application, otherwise the order will be cancelled by the Contractor.
        3.4. The Contractor shall execute the order within 24 hours on the fact of receipt of electronic title characters or the funds to his account. If payments from Customers enrolled in a weekend or holiday, then transfer to the Client runs on the first business day that follows them. Transfer of funds to the Client is carried out exclusively in the manner specified in the order.
        3.5. An order is fulfilled (ie such in which the Contractor and the Client received title units / full amount) if the transfer system according to the Application had been unlocked by the introduction of protection code. If the email account Customer exhibited no protection code, the order is executed on the fact of receiving non-cash assets to Customer requisites, according to the Order. Supported by the software and hardware of the Bank.
        3.6. Customer may cancel the order if it is not made by notifying the Contractor, or close it himself using the Service. Contractor has the right to refuse service and execute the return of funds if:
                a) The amount of funds that came at the expense of the Contractor, differs from the amount paid in the order;
                b) within 24 hours Customer fails to deliver the missing documents (if necessary) to make the payment to the Contractor by the Client;
                c) payment by the Client was not made correctly, with errors or without complying with the rules;
                d) the passport data of the owner WMID and passport details of the account holder does not match.
                e) When returning the funds and commission expense is deducted from the funds received by the Customer.
        Contractor reserves the right to deny user to provide services without any explanation.

4. Service Provision.

        4.1. Contractor is not responsible for and does not compensate for the losses that have arisen at misuse of Service, as well as through client’s error made in completing the order form, which can lead to the transfer of funds into wrongly specified account.
        4.2. Exchange transaction has been completed since the time of transfer by the Contractor to the Customer’s paymet system.
        4.3. Exchange transaction is a one-time transaction. The return of the money transferred after the completion of an exchange is impossible. If you can not implement the agreement immediately (no connection to the server of the payment system, technical problems), the translation of client's money is made within 48 hours after the client's request and eliminate the cause.
        4.4. If the Customer does not have time for 3 days to enter the protection code, he may apply to technical support for resend webmoney but no later than 2 months from the date when order was created
        4.5. Contractor has the right to deny user to provide services without any explanation.

5. Procedure for Handling Claims and Disputes.

        5.1. Client's claim on the work of the Service accepted by the Contractor for consideration by e-mail and no later than 3 working days from the date the claim arose. Term of consideration of Client's claim is within 10 working days.
        5.2. Consideration of claims arising from the Service shall be carried out upon presentation of relevant payment documents by Customer confirming the payment and data of order.
        5.3. Contractor may engage commissioners, agents of the arbitration service systems with a view to claims consideration.

6. Privacy Policy.

        6.1. Services receives personal information from the Customer during registration or registration applications and record them in a database. The Contractor may request additional information about the personal user data.
        6.2. Contractor, during the exchange operation, has the right to request proof of identity, in order to identify the Client.
        6.3. The information that leaves the Customer in the exchange process is confidential and may be disclosed only in the following cases:
                At Client's request;
                At the request of the administration of the payment system;
                At the request of law enforcement bodies, by decision of courts of different instances.

7. Force Majeure.

        Contractor relieved of liabilities for total or partial failure to fulfill obligations under the Agreement due to force majeure circumstances, namely: natural disasters, war or military action, failure or breakdown of communication lines, changes in legislation or others that do not depend on the Contractor, extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances, beyond his influence, provided that these circumstances directly should affect on the work of the Service.



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