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          E-currency as a means of payment, to successfully replace the real cash, you can use to pay for almost any service.
          Today, every member of the Webmoney Transfer System can enjoy all the benefits provided, the principal of which is a serious approach to security and privacy of its users. One example is the use of the WMT System universal WM-cards and Paymer checks, you can purchase through the
          Those users who need to make a one-time payment (for example, to pay for any goods / services), or those who want to use e-currency anonymously will rate convenience of this goods. Another advantage of WM-cards and Paymer checks, is the ability to make payment using them on the web for products and services without a WMT fee for transfer of funds, since the commission has already been paid to issue the card / check. As well as the opportunity to pay without registering in the WMT System, without installing any software on your computer without having to remember passwords and storing keys to enter the system.
          Here, a brief description of the ways of using of the goods.
          What is the WM-card?
          WM-card – a prepaid card that allows you to quickly replenish WM-purse.
          At this time in the WebMoney Transfer System used universal WM-cards of five types: WMZ, WMU, WME, WMR and WMB. At our site you can buy WMZ card, such face values:
• WMZ-cards have face values of 10, 20, 50, 100 WMZ (equivalent to USD). With their help your can replenish Z-purse.
          Each WM-card has unique properties: the number and code (pin).
          To pay for goods / services with your card, you must do the following:
• Go to the page , fill in all fields: Number, Pin, Amount, WM-purse, Note (optional). Click the "Redeem".
• On the next page click "Confirm".
• The stated amount is immediately debited from the card and credited to required WM-purse. If the credited amount is less than face value card, the balance will remain on the card and can be used in the future. If WM have not been received it is obligatory for a user to update the information in WM Keeper (right click on the icon for "Ant" in the System Tray, then "Refresh Data").
          Note that you can use card not only for your own purse, but someone else's purse. In addition, you can use not all face value indicated on the card, but only a part of it - while the remainder is stored on the card and it can then be used just to replenish the purse, or other operations:
• Combine one card with another;
• Split up card into several smaller parts;
• Replace the details of cards;
• Check the remainder of card by their number;
          All these operations can be performed immediately on the site
          To replenish the purse with the WM-card in WM Keeper Classic:
• Start WM Keeper Classic and wait for a connection to the CA system;
• Select "Add funds ..."
• Select the method of funding WM - card, enter the card number, pin, the number of the image and click "Next."
          What is Paymer Check?
          Paymer check - a digital medium of exchange, which is a number and pin.
          Face value is given by the issuer at the time of issuance and can be any integer or fractional number. For one check constraints is 200 WMZ. You can buy them on our website.
          Paymer сheck is used (redeemed) by WM-cards similar to the scheme (see above). It is possible to split up a check into a few in different proportions, combine several checks into one, and much more. If you have a Paymer check you must tell the seller of its details (number and pin) for buying something. Paymer can be redeemed at your personal account, and then you can replenish the other purse, only then you have to be charged by the commission of WMT System.
          Paymer check as well as cards, has a number that is not a secret (as it can get the current balance and check the currency of issue) and a secret code the owner to know only. Checking the check allows you to almost instantly verify the nominal of it and find out information about the type and parameters of the issue. The following procedures are possible:
• Replacement of the details - the procedure allows for 1-2 minutes to change the check number and code and is recommended for use in obtaining Paymer check in payment;
• Splitting up - the owner can exchange his Paymer for two checks the value of each will then be equal to half the original cost;
• Multiple exchange – dividing up or the original Paymer check into a somewhat face values. The total cost of new checks will be equal to the value of the original check;
• Combination - two or more Paymer checks can be combined into one. The cost of a new check will be equal to the combined value of all checks.
          More details about these and other operations with Paymer checks can be found on the official website
          The advantages of using the WM-cards and Paymer checks:
• Profitable – issuance of card / check are charged by 1% commission only, and the subsequent change of hands of a check between the users leaves its face value unchanged, so you will not make a loss on either sending or receiving or exchanging of the checks.
• Operational - with cards / checks, you can pay off in seconds.
• Safe - secure encryption technology eliminates unauthorized access to your funds. Writing the number and pin of card / check in your notebook, you will be protected from fraud, because you are the only to know what these numbers mean. (Further information).
• Universal - cards / checks can allow you to make payment as on the Web as well as Offline. You choose which way you prefer to send them to your partners - through the Internet, by telephone or in person. There is no limit to the ways of transferring the card / check.
• Modern - traditional payment methods are giving way to new more progressive, comfortable and functional ones. Choosing card / check for making payments
you use the latest technology to meet today's requirements.
• Effectively - using cards / checks, you can accept payments from customers without having to pay commission. Using cards / checks you can enhance the efficiency of sales, increasing a number of customers among foreign users.
• Confidential – funds, personal data and commercial customers information are protected by Paymer Check. Using your cards / checks for making payments you can be absolutely sure that your business remains your business only.
          You will always be able to buy WM-cards or Paymer checks of various denominations on our site . We are always glad to see you!


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