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          One of the leading systems, dealing with cash payments in the Internet, is the Webmoney Transfer. This system is characterized not only by the convenience and simplicity, but also a powerful security system. However, each user must be prepared for the fact that fraudsters are always looking for ways to illicit earnings! An easy target for them is gullible and uneducated Webmoney user. But there have been many cases of hacking of your personal information, such as mail. The same thing could happen to anyone, not all PC users are protected from unauthorized installed keyloggers or backdoors programs. And if you do not observe basic rules of network security, you can lose all your money in WebMoney forever! WebMoney Transfer System has website dedicated to security issues and measures for the preservation of users currency - And do not look at random and ignore the important information contained on this site, as well as neglect services provided by the system.
          Sometimes we have received complaints from our clients that they bought the card / Paymer that had been already used by someone and needed to send a new WM-card. Of course, such situations are unpleasant but our exchange office has nothing to do with it!
          As a rule, the cause of such cases is just hacking your personal mail (!), to which we sent the number and pin of products purchased from us.
          If suddenly you have become a victim of this fraud, we recommend you contact immediately Webmoney Arbitrage - with the claim - they are sure to take into consideration your problem and will return money stolen from you. On the part of our service we will do our best to help you!
          We ask that you should be extremely careful and never forget about safety! Be careful!


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Service BUYWMZ.COM pleased to inform You about the resumption of Credit Cards payment processing! Our

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