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          Dear customers, in accordance with the rules of the exchange transactions in the WebMoney System (April 15, 2010), it is prohibited of the exchange of address of a person who is not involved in the exchange (against third parties). Because of the frequent cases of fraud, operations on behalf of another WMID. The basic requirement for currency exchange offices is not the fulfillment of a certain exchanges in favor of an outsider. According to the "Regulations on the use of Webmoney Transfer System to exchange with the help of financial instruments" one can’t make exchange (buy, sell, autoexchange) in favour of third parties. Client of exchange office should do buying or selling only to / from their bank details on his name on his account in other payment systems, etc. In other words, only 2 (not 3!) persons are allowed to be involved in the transactions – exchange office itself and its client. Purse- sender-recipient autoexchange operations WM <-> WM should belong to the same WMID. Selling in favor of outsiders (including family members) - is not allowed. Buying (getting WM) in exchange for the funds deposited to the exchange by third parties (including family members) - is not allowed too. To fulfill these requirements, exchange office must use X19 interface.
          XML-Interface X19 - checking compliance with personal data of the owner of WM-identifier. This interface allows to verify the data specified in the request for their identity with the party's personal data of Webmoney Transfer System.
          While buying it is necessary to verify the client’s data received "from the outside world," with the information that has passed through interface X19.
          While selling one must verify WMID, from which the client sends a WM-payment with WMID, that has been tested via interface X19.
          In plain words, it is necessary to verify such data:

  • Full name and passport number - in case of buying or selling in cash;
  • Bank account (full name, account number, bank name, name of the sender \ recipient) and name - in case of buying or selling in non-cash payment;
  • Full name, card number, name of the bank - if buying or selling to / from the bank card;
  • Full name, passport number, place of sending and receiving - if buying or selling via money transfer systems, such as Western Union or Money Gram;
  • The name of another payment system and account number in it (or the number of WM-purse in the exchange within WebMoney), and the amount received - in case of autoexchange.

          This information must be in exact form that corresponds to reality. For example, if a payment is sent to the bank account 12345678, then the note should not have been written "1234-5678" or "123 456 78 ', etc., full name must be written exactly letter by letter. In the case of the slightest discrepancy or misrepresentation of reality in a footnote (referring to selling) - exchange office shall return the WM-transfer and exchange can’t be made.
          X19 with high reliability can verify compliance with the request data on their veracity, their identification with the party's personal data WebMoney System. Application of interface X19 qualitatively improves the security of transactions and gives users peace of mind. Through its introduction online scams and frauds in e-currency exchange, practically have been reduced to zero.
          Thus, our currency exchange cares of its customers!


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